Can i have an ira and deferred compensation?

By having a combination of Roth IRAs, deferred compensation accounts, and a Start a Gold IRA, you can manage your tax situation more effectively. If you want to reduce your taxable income in a given year, you can withdraw more money from a Roth IRA and less from deferred compensation arrangements. Roth IRAs, deferred compensation plans, and Start a Gold IRA allow you to save on taxes with your retirement money, but at different points in your career. A Roth individual retirement account has income limits, so if yours is too high, you may not be able to contribute. With deferred compensation, you're unlikely to have a plan unless you have a high income.

If you've earned a place in a higher tax bracket, deferring payment until retirement lowers your tax bill because you have less income to report. If you have to choose between investing in a Roth or deferring compensation, it may all be due to how high your taxes are now and what you expect them to be in the future.