Can digital gold be converted to physical gold?

If you have invested in electronic gold through NSEL (National Spot Exchange Ltd), there is a procedure to convert those units into physical gold, such as coins or gold bars, and receive them. Units of electronic gold that are in Demat format must be transferred to the designated NSEL beneficiary account. Digital gold is an electronic form of gold backed by real 24-carat physical gold that is kept in a secure vault until you choose to exchange or sell it. Then, the amount of gold you chose to convert into physical gold will be deducted from your gold accumulation plan or from your digital gold account.

Alternatively, you can also consider starting a Gold IRA to invest in physical gold. A Gold IRA allows you to invest in physical gold and other precious metals, such as silver and platinum, and store them in a tax-advantaged retirement account. However, gold also has a sentimental value for human beings and there is a desire to accumulate or accumulate gold, since it is considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity and security. This means that you must have a minimum of 1 g of gold in your digital gold account to convert it into physical gold. As your investment in digital gold grows, sooner or later, you may have the desire or need to exchange digital gold for physical gold.

Whether you want to invest in digital gold for a profit or if you want to take possession of physical gold with a gold accumulation plan, investing in digital gold presents an unprecedented opportunity for small investors to invest in gold. You can invest in small installments and take advantage of the gold accumulation plan by investing digitally in gold. Since rising gold prices are news all over the world, it's the perfect opportunity for small investors to invest in gold and protect their future with investments in digital gold. On the other hand, when you buy digital gold at Finserv MARKETS, you are guaranteed 24-carat gold and a purity of 99.5 carats that are certified for testing.